Bears show 2015


There is a very nice folk belief about the end of winter, or in other words, about the beginning of spring. A bear is mentioned in it and apparently it all depends on him. If the bear gets scared of his own shadow and runs back into his cave there will be more cold weather. But if he doesn’t get scared, that is a clear sign that warm and sunny days are ahead.

Our little group MEDVEDI is organizing a celebration of spring by gathering artists and their works under the theme of BEARS – sleepy, fluffy, sweet, scary, funny, fuzzy…

Since 2011, each year on the first day of calendar spring, 21st of March, we organize the exhibition Bears – In Honor of Spring gathering in this way to celebrate the bears coming out from their caves, of course with honey cider and good music. The exhibition takes place each year in Belgrade, Serbia.


P.S. MEDVEDI means BEARS in Serbian…