BEARS – IN HONOR OF SPRING – Exhibition in Ljubljana!

Bears – In Honor of Spring

There is a very nice folk belief about the end of winter, or in other words, about the beginning of spring. A bear is mentioned in it and apparently it all depends on him. If the bear gets scared of his own shadow and runs back into his cave there will be more cold weather. But if he doesn’t get scared, that is a clear sign that warm and sunny days are ahead.

Each year on the first day of calendar spring, 21st of March, the art collective Bears organizes the exhibition Bears – In Honor of Spring, gathering artists and public to celebrate the beginning of one the most fruitful periods of the year.

The exhibition is bringing together international artists and their works with a single theme, the bear – which in this context serves as a metaphor for the struggle against passivity, lethargy, apathy and the big sleep we all fall into sometimes. In the local sense, the project is reflecting on the necessity to fight off the fact that most cultural institutions in Belgrade are closed, and it is calling local artists to raise above the situation where artistic expression is not encouraged by the society.

The exhibition takes place each year in Belgrade, Serbia, but from this year and with the support of EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA IN REPUBLIC OF SERBIA, the project has been expanded on to the region, and the exhibition from the spring of 2016 will be traveling to Ljubljana.
From 24. until 30. November you can visit the exhibition in gallery of Poligon – Creative centre Ljubljana.